Blade of Destiny
by Nicholas Yu
Blade of Destiny updates MWF (Maybe, Whenever, and the Fourteenth)

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Sporadic Static:

07-11: Long time no newspost. The Art page got a nice tasty update, which includes a new BoD desktop! Yay!

06-24: I updated the Cast page with a few goodies and I forgot to mention on the 19th that I also updated the Art page. Joy!

06-23: I'm glad some of you are still sticking around after the fight. ;) Now go out there and tell all your friends about Blade of Destiny so that I may one day rule the comic universe! Be sure to check out the NIFTY KEEN CONTEST! I'm running over at my other comic. You could win a cameo in Blade of Destiny! Woo!

06-11: I hope you enjoy long fight scenes. :-P I also updated the Art page again, this time with a new concept sketch and a new piece of fan art.

06-06: Updated the Art page. Yay fan art!

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